With over 20 years of industry experience, we have been in the trenches with collaboration technologies ever since dial-up modems and ISDN Internet connections were the common connectivity options.  We have also experienced the evolution and convergence of analog audiovisual systems into the digital age.  Along the way, we found manufactures and suppliers that are not only technically sound, but also offer quick and outstanding support for their products.

Whenever we design a system, the goal of the end-user is always to have the system be easy to use.  Our goal has always been to deliver systems that are technically sound, offer great support and warranties, and most importantly, systems that are easy to use.  Without ease of use, systems will not get used or they can become technical nightmares.  We keep a very close eye on current industry and technology trends, and also think about future applications when researching existing and new product offerings.  From time to time we will feature new products we are working with on our New Products page.