Video Conferencing

What is Videoconferencing?

Videoconferencing (or video conference) means to conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using data networks to transmit audio, video and data. There are two main types of video conference: point-to-point (two-person or site-to-site connection) and multi point (multiple simultaneous connections).

Today, videoconferencing can also be referred to as “video collaboration” as the technologies to combine many users across many different platforms to share documents and collaborate have become ubiquitous.

Videoconferencing systems come in many forms. From webcams and software or cloud-based video platforms all the way to fully-integrated, multiple camera and data source systems.

Wide Area Media has many years of experience in utilizing and deploying videoconferencing systems and can help you plan and deploy the correct system for your application today while keeping touch with future capabilities.


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