Huddle Rooms

What is a Huddle Room?

A Huddle Room is a small, private meeting area, typically seating 3-6 people and equipped with videoconferencing and web-based collaboration technologies.  Wide Area Media can help your organization develop the right approach to technology and offer Huddle Room furniture ideas that make for an expedited and seamless integration.

Why Huddle?

Huddle Rooms are most often used for informal, ad-hoc meetings with a small group of office-based and remote participants. Depending on the needs of the organization, an office may have several huddle spaces in addition to a larger, traditional conference room.  Huddle Rooms typically are no larger than a small office, and are perfect for the small, private and collaborative meetings.

By 2023, 73% of video-conferencing meetings will happen in huddle rooms.*

Why? Huddle rooms are becoming a hotbed for collaboration and productivity. Execs agree. They say faster decision-making and greater productivity are the top two benefits of video conferencing.

*Frost & Sullivan, August 2019