Meaning of Telejustice

Very simply stated, Telejustice means the use of network video based, collaborative solutions for courts and corrections.


Video Arraignment is probably the number one use case and cost saving applications in use today.  Commercial grade, standards based based video conferencing systems can range in design starting with mobile video cart systems all the way to integrated courtroom systems with multiple cameras and displays.  On either end of the scale and budget, the savings in the cost of transportation, and Officer downtime, coupled with enhanced courtroom efficiency and public safety make for a quick return on investment.

Many judicial systems, law enforcement and correction agencies also use video conferencing solutions to

  • Speed the adjudication process
  • Reduce case backlogs by bringing the courtroom to the inmate
  • Eliminate extra costs for transportation, housing and security that are incurred moving inmates to and from jails and courtrooms

Medical, forensic and other experts can testify from their offices, broadening the use of expert testimony. And everyone – defendants, witnesses, judges, and lawyers – can reclaim time they once spent waiting for scheduled court appearances.

The illustration below shows the ecosystem of a Telejustice system.